The Fritti of the Mill

everything tastes better when fried, ours even more so because they are breaded with a mixture of all our breads.

Mozzarella in carrozza

2,5 €

With sourdough bread from the mill

Pasta fritter

4 €

only with pasta from Gerardo di Nola di Gragnano.

Potato croquettes

2 €

only with Montoro potatoes from Azienda G.B. Agricola.

Arancino Salera

3 €

With stone-pilled rice from the Salera farm

Rustic potato chip

3,5 €

Montoro potato chips from Azienda G.B. Agricola. 

Fried sock

3 €

Fiordilatte " latteria Sorrentina" Black pepper

Crocchè with sciuscillone

3 €

Montoro potatoes from Azienda G.B. Agricola,sciuscillone bell pepper porva "I segreti di diano"

Mixed Panariello

13 €

1 classic crocchè, 1 frittatina, 1 arancino, 1 crocche allo sciuscillone,1 rustic fries.

Montanara bufalina

5 €

Tomato, buffalo, Parmigiano Reggiano 30 months and basil

Montanara squash

5 €

Cream of pumpkin,crispy bacon and smoked provolone cheese

Montanara broccoli

5 €

Creamed broccoli,nduja patty,snowy goat cheese,sciuscillone porva

Trio of montanarine

13 €